Enjoy a safe experience at Hotel Atlántico

The safety and well-being of our guests and employees at the hotel are our highest priority, we want you to be able to keep enjoying and having unforgettable experiences at Hotel Atlántico, we have implemented new cleaning and hygiene standards, we rigorously follow all applicable government directives as they emerge.


Disinfection with ozone

In addition to the usual cleaning and disinfection products, we will disinfect rooms, passage areas and public areas regularly with OZONE. This disinfectant biocide is very powerful and efficient against all types of microorganisms, and eliminates odors and any polluting agents such as viruses, fungi or bacteria in the air.

Cleaning protocol of your room

  • We reinforce the daily cleaning protocol of your room with special emphasis on the high-touch areas like the knobs and the light switches.
  • After guests check-out, the rooms will remain unoccupied for at least 24 hours and will undergo a disinfection process.
  • We’ll reduce amenities to prevent contagious elements, and everything will be at your disposal at reception if you need anything.
  • All our cleaning products will be complemented by disinfectant.
  • Each room will receive an ozone treatment after each occupation.


  • We reinforce the jobs necessary to guarantee our guests’ safety and protect our staff under all health regulations.
  • We also protect our staff through EPIS.

Dispensers and prevention kit.

  • You will find approved hydroalcoholic gel dispensers for mandatory use in most areas of our establishments.
  • Customers will find a prevention kit in their room.

Food & Beverage

  • Access to the breakfast room and snack bar will be limited to avoid crowding, the safety distance between the tables will be controlled and there will be a predetermined circuit to avoid congestions.
  • The use of a mask and hydroalcoholic gel will be mandatory.

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