Almost 100 years of history

In a unique building

In the Gran Vía

The building

The Hotel Atlántico, housed in a building that is almost 100 years old and constructed by the Marquis of Falces who commissioned the famous architect of the era Don Joaquín Saldaña to build a residence for housing, is one of the architectural landmarks of outstanding beauty on the Gran Vía itself, with an eclectic French style, a wide variety of friezes, jambs, tympanums, balustrades and finishes, all decorated with an allegorical, fantastic approach.

Currently decorated in a neoclassic style with tapestries, furniture, sculptures and period windows, it offers its clients top notch facilities with all the technological mod-cons.

Its iconic facade in stone up to the cantilevers of the mezzanine and in artificial ornamental stone above that up to the flat roof, forms a stately impression, culminating in a French-style cupola tower from which exceptional views of Madrid can be enjoyed.  In addition, this building contributes to one of the most beautiful and representative postcard pictures of the Gran Vía, where passers-by can admire the beauty of other key buildings such as the Metrópolis building, the towers of the Telefónica and Carrión buildings, and the shrine of the Piaget building.

Gran Vía

There are those who consider the Gran Vía to be the street in Madrid comparable to New York's Broadway, by being the avenue that never sleeps, where anyone arriving in Madrid for the first time is dazzled by the neon lights of the shows, its pavements filled with people, and the non-stop activity.

We hereby make our modest homage to the Gran Vía on its Centenary, which it celebrated in 2010, by reflecting the changing lights typical of any day on the Gran Vía here on our portal.